Riker Farm Seed is a third generation farming operation. Karl Riker started farming in Bowling Green with land inherited from his wife, Kathleen Carters’, family and soon began to expand the farm as local ground became available.

Karl graduated from The Ohio State University in 1936, taught Vo-Ag and Science in various schools, and began farming in BG – part-time through 1963, then started farming full time. Karl always had an interest in crops, soils, and hybrid corn, and for a time he experimented with his own line of seed corn.

Karl began custom cleaning grain when he was involved with Nosco in Delta in 1954. He joined the Ohio Seed Improvement Association in 1947.

Son, George, joined the family farm in 1973 after graduation from OSU with a degree in Agricultural Economics. George then took over the farming operation after Karl passed in 1984, growing the custom cleaning and treating side of the business.

Today Riker Farm Seed is run by Dan Henry and Lesley Riker. Dan began working for RFS in 1976 during his summers off from teaching Industrial Arts at Anthony Wayne High School.

In 2004, Dan retired from teaching and began working for RFS full time as ongoing health problems forced George to stop working.

Lesley began working on the farm part-time in 1985 after leaving teaching to stay at home full time with their children. Lesley did all the payroll and tax work later, taking over all of the office duties. As George’s health diminished, Lesley stepped in to help run the operation, working on all aspects of the office work, test plot maintenance, and driving equipment as needed.

Over the years, RFS has worked closely with different organizations to create demonstration and test plots to help educate the local farmers as well as local FFA members.

At Riker Farm Seed we pride ourselves on customer relationships and the outstanding products and services we offer.


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